Modern Wireless Technologies

Todays networking busy world requires access to the internet and corporate resources wherever they are.  Business resources and documents located on secure servers behind firey firewalls and protection systems are no longer hidden away from all but those in the company building.  With todays emerging wireless technologies corporate workers can connect to high speed secure wireless hotspots and create secure VPN tunnels into the private network.

USB Wireless adapters are now cheap and widely available which suppoirt 802.11n high speed 300mbps wireless transfer rates allowing for real time syndication of business data and conference web calls.

You can find a wdie range of USB wireless adapters online in stores across the UK fit for business and personal use.

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Wireless Routers – Our World – Your Network

What Is A Wireless Router
Nearly all computers these days communicate wirelessly using a variety of wireless technology. Among these, wireless routers are probably one of the most common types of communications device that you can find just about anywhere.
A router is a hardware device that carries packets of data over networks and is connected to at least two networks. Acting as gateways, routers are the point where 2 or more networks get connected. The purpose of these routers is to simply create a link where data can seamlessly be transmitted to the right places.
However, routers do not always require a physical connection and the easiest way to explain a wireless router is that it is a device that connects 2 networks together using wireless technologies. In addition, there is no need for the usage of cables in connecting the computer to the router as well.
There are various uses and applications for wireless routers but it is most commonly used in small local connections. Picture a scenario where you want to share your internet connection with other computers at home. A wireless router can be used in such a situation to link all your computers to the same network without you having to pay for an additional subscription. Wireless routers also very often provide an extra security level to protect your computer against malware and Trojans.
One of the biggest challenges with all routers is setting it up correctly. A certain level of technical knowledge is required on the user’s part and it is not a process that can be classified as simple. Wireless routers need the correct configurations in order to work properly and this can cause a lot of problems to people who are less experienced in this field. In general, simple routers tend to be more straightforward to setup, while higher-end models usually require much more in-depth technical knowledge to configure advanced security features.
The range of wireless routers also depends on a few factors which must be considered. These factors include the power output of the wireless router, the gain of the antenna, the number of physical obstacles between the wireless router and your computer and the speed of the connection. In general, your wireless connection gets less stable the further you move away from your wireless access point. A common method used to extend the range of wireless routers is to install additional wireless routers or access points. Unfortunately though, this solution also adds to the complexity of the setup and configuration and increases the overall cost of the project.

With any network install ensure you also get dependable wireless adapters

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Thecus NAS Storage Solutions now at AudioVisualgiftsf

Thecus give NAS a new meaning, quality, supremecy, brilliances and domination in performance.  Check our our Thecus NAS Solutions for the latest in quality NAS products.

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Home Cinema Cinema System – LG HT953TV 5.1 and 10.1 Sound


LG, technology led by design; experience audio
like never before with this 1000W stylish
home cinema system featuring iDock and
10.1 virtual sound

Get the LG HT953TV Home Cinema System here

HDMI with 1080P up-scaling

1000W output

DivX movie playback

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Next generation Blu-ray Player Sony BDPS5000ESB

Sony BDPS5000ESB 1080p Black Blu-ray Player

The Sony BDP_S5000ES Blu-ray Disc™ player provides you with the ultimate cinematic experience. Delivering first class picture performance through high quality video processing, along with true high fidelity sound, the Sony BDP- S5000ES is truly in a league of its own.

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Optoma Projectors now a permanent feature at AudioVisualGifts

Optoma Digital Projectors

Optimise your projections with Optoma Digital Projectors.  See the difference in the crisp delivery of high quality digital imagery when you opt in to class.

Get yours at AudioVisualGifts

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Processor Coolers – New Selection at AudioVisualGifts

Processor Coolers now in stock at AVG – cool your Processor and release its full potential get your Processor (CPU) Cooler today.

Coolers for less

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